Pistachio and Date Cake 

So the season has moved from autumn to spring (almost non existent) and now summer. Because Ramadan is earlier this year, summer has really taken on a great taste for Arabic inspired desserts rather than the usual fruity stuff. This is a recipe for a pistachio cake from no other than my mother in law! The recipe is so easy. I would also like to report that I have taken up drinking coffee for the first time in my life, and not just any coffee but Arabic Turkish Coffee. I don’t even know if I said that correctly? It’s the dark one, you get it. The influence was my father in law. So this post has “in law” written all over it! 

This cake is perfect next to it! I reduced the sugar by more than half and threw in some dates. Guys, it’s so good. You know how everyone has their “thing”? Mine definitely isn’t cakes with cream and icing. Mine is just plain, pound like style cakes so that I can give to kids as a snack whenever I want. They enjoy it and I don’t feel bad. 
Extra important note: Ryan enjoyed the cake which means he ate pistachios. For all he knows he sees it green so it’s a ninja turtle cake apparently. ✔️


1/2 cup of pistachios. I blended mine so well to make sure Ryan (remember the extreme picky eater) doesn’t notice. Otherwise you can just pound them with an old school garlic mortar and pestle. 

1/2 cup vegetable oil 

2 eggs 

1 tsp vanilla 

1 tsp rose water 

1 3/4 cups flour sifted 

1/2 sugar (original recipe says 1 1/2 cups) 

2 tsp baking powder 

1 1/4 cup Milk 

Pinch of salt 

Mix everything together and then add…

10 dates pitted and torn into four small chunks. You can add more and stir. 

The end!