Joseph Joseph – So good they named it twice!

We love our garlic in the Middle East and I’ve just discovered a peeler that is put to the test up against the classic glass jar trick. Human fingers failed. Check out the vid to see how the Scroll rolls…

garlic-peeler-1 garlic-peeler


What is it?

Looks like a roll of paper but it is what it is. A garlic peeler.


Because just sometimes, you shouldn’t have to work too hard in life for an end result!

Does it perform?

It’s gadgets like these that get me excited about shopping for new kitchenware. This works so well! I had a smile on my face the whole time while peeling and showed it off to anyone who came over to my house this week! The plus side? My fingers didn’t smell like garlic for the whole day and it put the old trick of shaking a clove of garlic in a glass jar to shame.

Do I want it?

Yes! Very badly.


The Scroll Garlic Peeler by Joseph Joseph can be found at Tavola stores across the Middle East.