Confession of a mommy – The Mac Daddy Experience

Confession of a mommy – The Mac Daddy Experience

For those who know me, you know how I feel about McDonalds! After watching several documentaries  (if you haven’t watched them yet, please do!) Food Inc, Super Size Me, and Fed Up. You begin to learn more about the food you once knew wasn’t the best choice but thought it wasn’t the worst choice either. After watching these documentaries, that opinion changed. My purchasing habits towards food completely changed. I am that annoying mom that stands in the middle of the supermarket aisle staring at the back of a box trying to read whether I can find crappy ingredients and how much sugar is included. If I do, I put it back on the shelf, go home and try to make it from scratch.

Back to McDonalds! I haven’t eaten it since 2010 and that was fine up until three weeks ago, I became this McDonalds late night eating monster! I would go out at night to party, and by the middle of the evening I was craving McDonalds (definitely doesn’t help that nothing else is open then!). It happened one night, and my husband happily took me to the drive thru near the house and I ordered a McChicken. He remained faithful and ordered nothing! Just stared at me and laughed.

The next weekend came, mommy party time was over and that damn Mcd’s urge came again! Like WTF! So I did it again and ordered a Spicy McChicken this time! We came home and my husband just sat right opposite of me drinking a protein shake (that’s him being supportive apparently) while I sat there and stuffed my face with a Spicy McChicken.

A few days pass and we decided to have a ladies night out without the men. Party is over and that annoying craving is back again. This time I don’t have my husband to take me to the drive thru so I suggest the idea to my Careem driver and I invite him to a meal as well! Happy, is an understatement on how he felt with my suggestion. So we go to the drive thru, we get our meals and I eat it again! I finally felt like I hit rock bottom and told my girl friends who obviously laughed at me. One of them sent me an article of how bad McDonalds was. I obviously knew and had read it before but for some reason I just couldn’t help myself!

I finally called it quits and decided to create my own homemade McDs Egg McMuffin the following morning! Let me tell you how good it was to not only eat something that good but to know that all the ingredients used were fresh and not treated with any chemicals or substitutes.

When all else fails! Go into your kitchen and make something home made! I have not had a McDonalds craving since then and I don’t think I ever will. Check out my homemade, finger licken Egg McMuffin. Deets below!

To make this double decker Egg Mc Muffin recipe, follow these THREE EASY directions below!

Step 1: Crack your eggs in these awesome molds from Lakeland! Once the eggs cook for one minute, add some water to your pan and cover. The goal is to cook your eggs all around and give them that omelette/sunny side up taste.


Step 2: After two minutes the water should have evaporated, and your eggs would have cooked throughout. Uncover and remove eggs from molds. They will be a perfect circle to fit right into an English Muffin cooked fresh at Spinneys.


Step 3: Lightly toast your muffins, add your bacon, ham, turkey or whatever it is that makes you happy and choose your favorite cheese. I put some good quality Gouda topped with my eggs so the cheese melted perfectly and oozed out of the muffin. THIS WAS SO GOOD! TRY IT AT HOME!